Concept: Spirit

Spirit is a commonly used term with various meanings depending on the culture. It features prominently in every Islamic teaching, as spirit is something that unites all humankind both among themselves and with the Creator.

Suls script with Oil on canvas
Size: 60x50 cm

My Dream

If Allah loves your inner beauty, what happens? Allah tells us in a hadith Qudsi:

Narrated by Abu Hurayrah: The Prophet (ﷺ) said: Allah (mighty and sublime be He) said: …“When I love him (My servant) I am his hearing with which he hears, his seeing with which he sees, his hand with which he strikes and his foot with which he walks. Were he to ask [something] of Me, I would surely give it to him, and were he to ask Me for refuge, I would surely grant him it.”

Source: Sahih Al-Bukhari 25,  40 Hadith Qudsi

Diwani script Arabic ink on glossy paper

Quran. Surah Al Isra (17:85)


Narrated by Abdullah bin Mas’ud:

Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ), the true and truly inspired said, “(The matter of the Creation of) a human being is put together in the womb of the mother in forty days, and then he becomes a clot of thick blood for a similar period, and then a piece of flesh for a similar period. Then Allah sends an angel who is ordered to write four things. He is ordered to write down his (i.e. the new creature’s) deeds, his livelihood, his (date of) death, and whether he will be blessed or wretched (in religion). Then the soul is breathed into him…

Source: Sahih Al-Bukhari 3208

Diwani script Arabic ink on glossy paper
Suls script. Iranian ink on Indian paper.
Size: 42x52cm

Quran. Surah Al-Hujurat(49:13)

O humankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the noblest of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted
(Surah Al-Hujurat, 49:13)


Reported by Aisha r.a: It was the day of Eid and the Abyssinians were playing with shields and spears (a cultural performance). Either I asked the Prophet or he asked me whether I would like to watch and I said yes. Then, the Prophet made me stand behind him while my cheek was touching his cheek and the Prophet was saying, “Carry on, O tribe of Arfidah.” 

Source: Sahih Al-Bukhari 949

Lamp. Asma ul Husna: An-Nur, al - Badi.
Suls script

Asma ul Husna: An-Nur, Al - Badi.


Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said, “Allah has ninety-nine Names, one-hundred less one; and he who memorized them all by heart will enter Paradise.” To count something means to know it by heart.

Source: Sahih Al-Bukhari 7392

Lamp. Asma ul Husna: An-Nur, Al-Badi.
Suls script

Quran. Surah Al Isra (17:85)


Narrated by ‘Abdullah:  While I was going with the Prophet through the ruins of Medina and he was reclining on a date-palm leaf stalk, some Jews passed by. Some of them said to the others: Ask him (the Prophet) about the spirit. Some of them said that they should not ask him that question as he might give a reply which would displease them. But some of them insisted on asking, and so one of them stood up and asked, “O Aba-l-Qasim! What is the spirit?” The Prophet remained quiet. I thought he was being inspired Divinely. So, I stayed till that state of the Prophet (while being inspired) was over. The Prophet then said, “And they ask you (O Muhammad) concerning the spirit –Say: The spirit — its knowledge is with my Lord. And of knowledge you (mankind) have been given only a little).” (17.85)
Diwani script Arabic ink on glossy paper.
Size:24x35 sm

Artist`s Bio

Sheikha Abdullaeva

Sheikha is a young and talented woman calligrapher from Tashkent with six yearsexperience, who works for the International Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan. Sheikha studied calligraphy in Tashkent and Sharjah, and has taken part in several local and international exhibitions and festivals organised by Uzbekistan, Oman, and UAE, including the biggest Islamic arts event, Sharjah International Islamic Art Festival in 2019. In her works, she strives to represent calligraphic art through various visual forms and installations. Her dominant philosophy is making calligraphy and the words of Allah functional and beautiful, so they can decorate and enlighten every home. One of her installations decorates the interior of the Holy Quran Academy in Sharjah.


– BA, University of Oriental Studies, Political Science
– Sharjah International Calligraphy School under the Cultural Department
– MA, International Islamic Academy

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